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14th & 100th, “LOST” Episode & My 300th Post…Yay!!!

4.28.2009 by savvysuzy

Spoiler Alert!

100th Episode…Awesome!!!

Thanks to ABC & Lostpedia.
Thanks to ABC & Lostpedia for showcasing the cake for the cast to celebrate their 100th episode .

Episode #14, “The Variable”

Lots to celebrate with tonight’s show.  They’ve (the writers) been holding back on us — keeping us stuck in the dull, dull 70’s in order to emphasize this episode, is my assumption.

Review: Well, I finally saw the 100th episode, and it had some slow parts, however, overall, it had lots of action!  Things were getting shook up really good at the ol’ Dhama hangout.  Okay I knew that Ms. Hawking was Daniel’s mother, and I suspected that Widmore was his father.  The question is are Penny and Daniel brother and sister?  Why does Daniel have a different name from either parent?

Madame Hawking is turning out to be just as sinister as Charles Widmore.  Why would she send her son back to the island to get shot?  And the question is did Daniel really die or was he taken to the same place that Ben was taken to in order to save him?  I suppose we’ll find out eventually.  I just couldn’t see them killing him off, because he was such an interesting character.  But, who knows, maybe they did?!!

Sawyer  or “LaFleur” was making funny quips just like old times, and it was great to see his and Juliets’ domestic bliss get totally disrupted!!  Too bad (not really)!  But things are starting to reach the boiling over point, and all I can say is ‘it’s about time!’  No pun intended.

Thanks Wikipedia!
Thanks Wikipedia for helping us celebrate!

300 Posts…Sweet!!!

Coincidentally, me & my little avatar, are celebrating our 300th post, simultane-ously. I swear — it was all by happenstance, and I love when that happens! So have a little cake to celebrate too!

Yes that’s right! Three hundred posts culminating almost three years exactly!  My/our third anniversary will be coming up in June.  I’d like to celebrate that too with something.  All in all it’s been fun!

Although that cupcake on the right has more frosting than I like, but it’s highly festive looking, so I’ll keep it!

Photos of 100th Celebration & Other Info

~ Photos of Celebration!
~ “Ace of Cakes” Made the Cake

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