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4.23.2009 by savvysuzy

Me & my little avatar have been flying about — checking out the terrain.  According to what I’ve been seeing out in the ether — there appears to be some little abodes springing up here and there.

I’ve always lived in nests that were smaller than 1600 sq. ft. (I take that back, the last home my parents bought was larger, but they should have gone much smaller.)

Where I live now, a townhouse, is next in size to the largest place that I’ve lived and it’s comfortable.  (We don’t own this — we rent.  But we take care of it like it belongs to us.  It’s all about showing appreciation to the owner for allowing us to make this our “Home Sweet Home”.  Although, a little extra storage and kitchen space, would be great!)

Before that I lived in a cottage style house (which I really enjoy).  What I like about small is that it’s easy to create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Whereas, a larger home is going to be a lot more difficult. You’d probably have to create cozy spots.

The main caveat for keeping a home smaller is the manageability aspect of it. The bigger the nest you have — the more spaces you have to furnish, heat, cool, maintain and CLEAN! You can see that I put an emphasis on the word clean, because if I’m going to be the one cleaning (and I am) then I’m going to want to have a home that is relative.

But I have lived in places that were smaller than 1600 sq. ft. — much smaller — say around 120 sq. ft. when I stayed in a dorm room or possibly even smaller.   We (with my husband and two sons) owned a house for almost 17 years that was 1300 sq. ft.  (cottage style).  Plus I could probably live in some of the tiny houses showcased in the links below if I had to and I have,  but now I prefer to have a bit more space.    I like a little more breathing room.

“Inspiration 365″

Many of the people who choose to do that — probably spend a lot of their time away from there.  It’s probably just a storage place for their possessions and a place to lay their head as far as the ones less than 200 sq. ft.   I believe that’s the way it is for a lot of people living in small apartments in New York and elsewhere.   Of course, there are people who live in one room or small places out of necessity, not only here, but in other countries.

So here we go again, in light of the financial meltdown various movements and causes, besides the green (which is very political and I’m not into politics, per se) and others that have been in the background, are now being highlighted more.  Such as this one called the Small House Movement.  What else?  Although I agree with much of what this group advocates.

How small is small and vice versa?  There are extremes at both ends of the spectrum.  My attitude about all of these things — is not to do something that’s trendy, but do things based on common sense whether or not it aligns with my values as to how I want to live.  It’s about what’s comfortable and affordable.

What about you — what size nest do you prefer to live in?

The Low Down on Little Houses…

“Eat That Frog!”

“The hardest thing to understand is why we can understand anything at all.”
~ Albert Einstein

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