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LOST, Episode #10, aka…

3.26.2009 by savvysuzy

“He’s Our You” or Stuck in Tie-Dyed ’70′s

Thanks to clarita
Thanks to clarita

LOST was back in fine fashion with last night’s episode.  I was getting concerned that we were going to be kind of stuck in that era for a while (Remember tied-dyed T-shirts?  They were actually something good and colorful from the 70′s – during the circa of beige and brown houses.), but now they’ve stepped up big time with last night’s episode.

Sayid taking Ben out like that, was quite unexpected.  Although, I don’t think he’s a goner.  On the contrary — he keeps weaseling his way back in some kind of way.   It’s hard not to want to empathize with little Ben’s predicament — being that his father acted like some kind of jerk.  We’re left to wonder is this what led him down his path of negativity?

By the way, I wonder what has happened to Farraday?  He appears to have disappeared.  Miles is off in the background somewhere, too.  Their whole little group, who came in last season, has been pretty much disbanded.  The square is attempting to form again, with Sawyer, Juliet, Jack and Kate, but hopefully they will spare us by not delving into that scenario too deeply.  Nevertheless, it definitely appears things are getting ratcheted up into a higher gear.

“Inspiration 365″

My little avatar and me preparing to be busy bees ourselves — once again.  We’ve been in kind of a holding pattern over the past few months.  That is after the Thankfest and the simple little things projects.

This is where we’ve been previously…Getting Lost!

“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee,
And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.”
~ Robert Frost

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